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Auto-pgp for pine/elm/tin (fwd)

In Garfinkel's book, he talks about the risks of running PGP on a 
multiuser system where others (sys. admins, eg) have higher levels of 
authority than you do.  I have PGP installed on my pc and if I want to 
use it, I can save the message in ascii, then upload it to the server 
where I have my Internet account, then mail it.  maybe not entirely 
transparent, but at least it seems to me that the convenience of running 
it on the server with something like Mr. Wilcox's BAP is not worth the 
added risk.  Besides, how often do you need to use it?  

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Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 12:03:52 -0400 (EDT)
From: Henry W. Farkas <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Subject: Auto-pgp for pine/elm/tin


> Does anyone know of an addon to the Pine mailer that supports PGP? 
> the only PGP software i could find required me to first compose a
> letter in an editor then run it through a pgp signature program
> then finally read it into my favorite mailer.
> I'm looking for something that is hopefully transparent, or if not
> relatively quick to do.
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> Sameer Manek                [email protected]         
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Yes, it exists, and I'm using it now.  I've tried competing products and 
found this to be the cleanest, smoothest and easiest to install.  I have 
no personal, commercial or financial interest in this product.   It does 
"auto-pgp" for pine, elm and tin.  

 *  BAP v.1.01                                                         *
 *  Written August 1995 by Bryce Wilcox                                * 
 *  e-mail: <[email protected]>                                *
 *  PGP key id: <617C6DB9>                                             *
 *  snail mail: <2228 Canyon Blvd, Apt. 1E, Boulder, CO, 80302>        *
 *  URL: <http://cs.colorado.edu/~wilcoxb/home.html>                   *
 *  BETA TEST VERSION!  DO NOT DISTRIBUTE!                             *
 * (Note that documentation, among other things, is still unfinished.) *

I also found the author responsive to my comments and suggestions.
Just please do *-NOT-* put your pass phrase in a cleartext file!

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