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Re: ssl challenge

>         > option to output results to a file (or files, so we can maintain
> local logging of results: ie, CHAL2a.dat, CHAL2b.dat, etc).

Done -- in brl0.06

The whole code runs without writing any files, so it defaults to /dev/null,
but you can point it whatre you like (e.g. logkeys=log-`uname -n`)

>         > a Windows 3.1 variant (or even win32s)

Not my area ....

> Maybe next challenge, we can pre-allocate keyspace based on the results of
> this one: look at how fast folks are reporting results, and allocate chunks
> of space accordingly (maybe based on an 8-hour 'cycle'). Sure take some of
> the load off the poor server :-)

It would seem reasonable to allocate say "2/3rds of what you scanned last time"
in advance ...