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Re: Cypherpunk Brute Squad [Re: SSL Challenge: Server problems]

> Server timing problem: Goodbye unknown -- you have been timed out
> which I assume is a message from the server telling me it's too loaded,

No -- it means that you were taking too long to respond, so it timed you out.

> No input when expecting an ACK line
> which sound even worst... I've been having trouble getting keys all the
> afternoon now, what a pity.

brclient -k failed to get any keys, so brutessl didn't generate any output,
so brclient -A didn't get any input :-(

Latest brloop should avoid this by not calling brutessl if brclient -k failed
and also not calling brclient -A if brutessl didn't run / failed.

> BTW, the versions I'm running now are brloop 0.05 and brclient 0.16 and
> since I'm in Cambridgeshire-UK too, with a 2Mbps link, I doubt that the
> timeout is due to congestion on the net.

Well, the problem with brclient 0.16 was that a "go faster" stripe made it
go *too* fast if local, perl losses data, so it times out :-((

> Any suggestions? Or is it only the overload in the server that's giving
> me nightmares?

Kind of -- slow clients hogging the single threaded (idle) server :-((