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Greetings, everyone.  I just discovered this list a few days ago
and have been monitoring since then.  It's pretty interesting.
I'd like to get involved.  I'm very interested in cryptography
and mathematics, but I have very little cryptographic experience.
(hm. Is there a Cypherpunks FAQ?) From the conversation that's
going on, I am led to beleive that Cypherpunks is setting up
a distributed system to break some cryptographic system or 
factor a large number.  I would expect that a constant net
connection would be a requirement to participate in such an
interesting event.  In any case, I have a 486DX-50 running
Linux and I'm interested and curious and willing to learn
and help in any way I can.

Tobin Fricke, Alias Light Ray         [email protected]
TobinTech Engineering                 KE6WHF Amateur Radio
The Digital Forest BBS                (714) 586-6142, 28800bps