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Re: PGP for pine and other Unix programs

I'd like to be added to your list of people wanting the 1.0 version. By
then I should have MachTen running on my PowerPC Mac, and I would like
to make sure that it works for that.



At 2:19 AM 8/23/95, Bryce Wilcox wrote:

>> Does anyone know of an addon to the Pine mailer that supports PGP?
>> the only PGP software i could find required me to first compose a
>> letter in an editor then run it through a pgp signature program
>> then finally read it into my favorite mailer.
>> I'm looking for something that is hopefully transparent, or if not
>> relatively quick to do.
>My "Bryce's Auto-PGP" fits the bill.  It is an sh script so it can be
>integrated without too much trouble into Pine, Elm, trn, tin, mh, etc etc.
>I have personally tested it with Pine so I know it'll work.  You can e-mail
>me for a beta copy, or you can ask for a v1.0 copy if you don't mind waiting
>an unspecified amount of time for beta-testing to finish.
>Version: 2.6.2
>Comment: Auto-signed with Bryce's Auto-PGP v1.0beta

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