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Re: SSl challenge - it was fun!

>> One problem with being in Australia was that I was asleep when
>> new software updates were announced and tended to get them later
>> than everyone else, and because of this an auto-update would
>> be particularly useful to me if we do this again.
> I would be extremely wary of this as accepting code written by someone else to
> automatically run on your machine is bad.

Indeed !

This is why brclient and brloop are two separate programs ..
(those who don't care about security can run "brclient -Ubrutessl -tssl | sh"
 (for a demo, type "brclient -Ubrutessl -tsslck")
 BUT it means that the SKSP server could run any command on your system!
Users should read brclient (and make me blush !) to show that there are no
trapdoors. Then they should read brloop and convince themselves that whatever
data is returned by brclient, no rogue command will be run.
(this is why brloop is written in sh rather than perl -- I assume more people
 read sh than perl ...

Note that brclient and brloop do not do any file I/O (so can be chroot'ed, etc)
and apart from "pretties" (such as calling hostname / uname -n to generate an
ID) brclient doesn't exec any other commands, so all you need provide are those
used by brloop (I think sed and head).
If anyone cares to build a "cell" in which to run it, please let me know.
However, I fear that it might be somewhat machine specific.
One problem is that the more recent brloop starts by asking "which servers
shoudl I use" unless they are explicitly set -- this means that you either need
to wire down the host to call (e.g. a local SKSP "local CPU farm" server),
or allow it to make an outgoing call to *ANY* host on port 19957 (well, you
might care to disable access to your local network, 127.* etc).

> If they do not have the expertise, they will hear of it soon enough when
> others scan the offered code.

I've been waiting, but not heard any yet :-))

After my experiences of a handfull of old clients killing the server for
everyone, I plan to circumvent the problem by causing rogue brloop's to exit.
Sure -- auto update would be nice, but until the padded cell above is