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Re: SSL trouble

In message <[email protected]>, "Josh M. Osborne" wri
>sub syswrite {

So sorry.  I gave out the wrong code.  Let me try again:

sub sysreadln {
    local($FH) = @_;

    local($len, $line, $offset) = (0, "", 0);
    while("\n" ne substr($line, $offset-1, 1)) {
        $len = sysread($FH, $line, 1, $offset);
        die "Bad read from $FH: $!" if (!defined($len));
        $offset += $len;

    return $line;

There.  That should help.

(yes, this is slow since it asks the OS for a single byte at a time,
but in practice it isn't too bad - I use it for small tasks and my
multi-stream state-machine monster for the rest)