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Re: Encrypted TCP, telnet, etc

root <[email protected]> wrote:
>But I missed where this comes from, and I doubt I'd be able to
>drop it into my Linux in anything resembling a plug-and-play
>style. Anybody tried this?

I am using it.  It works fine on Linux and was very easy to set up.
Just -DLINUX in the makefile and build it.  Then put it in your inetd
or start the server standalone.  I use
% cryptod 49374 &
to put it on port 49374 (Look at it in hex ;-)

My biggest gripe with it is that it doesn't like Sparcs too much.
I finally did get it to compile but it still seems to occasionally
crash during key-exchange for no apparent reason. :(
Which is weird because it never crashes under Linux.  oh well.

I'm using v0.9, which I got from utopia.  Is there a newer version?