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Re: A glance at the future of missing child identification

At 4:48 PM 8/28/95, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:
>>>>>> "TCM" == Timothy C May <[email protected]> writes:
>TCM> At 8:52 PM 8/20/95, Hadmut Danisch wrote:
>>> These transponders are already used for many year. They inject them in
>>> pigs and cows to identify them. And some car manufacturers put the into
>>> the ignition keys as theft protections.
>TCM> There has so far been no known uses of this on humans, at least as a
>TCM> matter of routine. Possibly some developers have tried injecting
>TCM> themselves, for the usual reasons.
>Believe it or not, something like this is being used (or is being prepared
>for use) in breast implants.  An article in the Houston (silicone city)
>Chronicle about a month ago (sorry, I can't produce a more exact reference)
>stated that new soybean oil breast implants are being manufactured to
>accept an identification device to track information on the patient and the
>implanting doctor.
>It's not exactly big brother (bigger sister?) but it's the first
>human-implanted ID device that I've heard of.  I don't know if any have
>actually been implanted.

Big Brother? Big Sister? Naw, it's "Big Tits."

It's a way for we males to scan the females at the bar to see if they're
naturally well-endowed or silicone-enhanced. Part of the "truth in
advertising" laws recently passed.


Seriously, I'm awfully skeptical that any kind of remote sensing device is
to be placed in the breasts of women seeking enhancement. The technology
just does not currently support small devices, though I suppose some of the
55GG strippers could support an active transmitter (or, "transtitter").

Conceivably, when the women go down to their local doctors to have their
tits inflated there can be some kind of "taggants" added, a la the taggants
added to some explosives, but this is a far cry from an electronic
identificaton device.

Some boob must've come up with this one.


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