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Re: Florida Drivers Permits

At 1:54 AM on 8/29/95, Jonathan Zamick is believed to have said:
>>>>Better would be to figure out the encoding scheme and post it here.
>>>I like this, myself.  It'd be nice to be able to have the picture of my
>>>choosing instead of a digitized thumbprint...
>>I think the officer arresting you would frown if your license dumped a nudie
>>picture of Cindy Crawford instead of your identification details.
>>Sounds like a great way to smuggle nuclear secrets out of a country tho :)
>What is the capacity of the mag strips. Do they carry much more than some
>ID code for computer reference? It seems unlikely that there is enough
>for a thumbprint. Some vitals perhaps, but again it would most likely simply
>be a speedier way of referencing the card holder's supposed True Name. (After
>all they'd have to be checking driving record information as well.) Still
>decrypting the cards would be amusing, just to aggravate those who become to
>used to the convienience. 'Oh.. sorry Governor Wilson... my but you look
>different up close'.

Back in CT they have mag strips and holograms on the drivers license, but
they aren't taking full advantage last I checked (about 8 months ago, when
I was last in CT).

Anyway, once an enterprising c'punk cracks the code, whats to stop people
from putting more interesting info on the strips? Or possibly a virus? Is
it conceivable? And if there is enough room on there for personal info, why
not wipe the data that's there and put your PGPKey there. And when Officer
Opie asks "What happened to your info and why's it all scrambled?" an
innocent "I dunno" would have to suffice....

Just my 0.02...


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