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Re: Florida Drivers Permits and a Hello

Alan Olsen writes
>They would not have to include an entire thumbprint.  The actual code used
>to verify fingerprints is not very large.  All that would be needed is
>enough information to ID into the "official" records and enough checksum
>type information to prevent alteration/counterfitting.  Using magnetic media
>for this is a bit foolish as it can be changed/destroyed with the stroke of
>a magnet.  I will not say by what means I would think should suit as a
>better encoding scheme because: 1) They are not using it and 2) I do not
>want to give them any ideas.

What possible value could the LEAs get by having your thumbprint digitally
encoded on your driver's license?  It's not like the average cop-on-the-beat
is qualified to lift a fingerprint and compare it.  Even if he was, how
does it benefit that the fingerprint is on the license?

This seems silly.