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Re: CIA & Espionage

> because of the source of confirmation, but because it fits right into the 
> direction most of the intelligence agencies have been taking since the 
> revelation that the French had won out a multi-billion $ contract for air 
> traffic control because the French service had, through various espionage 
> methods, determined the U.S. bidding position and such.

We have a similar story in Germany. Some time ago, an asian country
(South Korea if I remember well) was looking for a high speed
passenger train. They had to choose between the german ICE and the
french TGV. Both trains  have nearly the same quality from technical
point of view. Korea decided to take the cheaper one. 

The germans gave an offer and just half an hour later the french gave
an offer slightly (just a little bit) cheaper than the germans. France
got the order (over 10^9 D-Mark). The german headquarter had
instructed their asian office to give the offer with a certain price
through unprotected fax. It is said that the fax was wiretapped by the
french secret service (allegedly)...