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Sorry for my last empty message, it's late & i confuse
the "deliver" icon with the "mail format" icon (I was
attempting to change the type from NeXTmail to plain text)

I don't see why an anonymous remailer can't be set up in
some country with an inet connection, but with little
respect for idiocy originating from other countries
& in particular the US.

Allot of that issue is treaty dependent and that's probably what
people should look at. I like what people are doing well
enough, don't get me wrong. But the vulnerability exists via
co-operative law enforcment arrangments & legal venue operations.
That's the stuff of treaty's. I think probably an appropriate
place could be found & arranged with some effort at this point.

Hell there's GOT to be some countries out there that would have
little respect for the antics of the Church 'o Bucks who'd be
intrested in it.

Stick the database on an encrypted partition, and arrange a
a two party setup on the keys & administration and it'd make
them a damn bit harder to retrieve anyhow... "I'd comply,
but I don't have the keys, and the keyholder is refusing
contact. And NO I don't know his 'True Name' and can't find him."
That'd make things a tad rough, and isn't illigal anyplace
that I'm aware of.

Call it "Apllied Stenography" (Sorry about the pun, but I couldn't
resist it :>

Tim Scanlon

[email protected] (NeXTmail, MIME)  Tim Scanlon
George Mason University     (PGP key avail.)  Public Affairs
I speak for myself, but often claim demonic possession