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Re: SSL search attack

> Problem is, though, if *each* segment is shuffled, or shuffled in groups
> of 10 or 25 or 50 or what? brutessl is designed for sequential search
> through a block of segments. I was pulling down blocks of up to 40 segments 
> each, for each machine I was running. Of course, with brloop running I
> won't be in such a bind (I have yet to see that it really works though..)
> but still it also represents a coding problem as to handing out sequential
> segments within shuffled blocks.

My view is that IFF this becomes a problem, I'll do something to fix it.
I can do it in the server (under my control) after a complete scan has been
completed without finding the key.

It may mean you only get smaller blocks, but IFF we get that far, tough !

> Hey, by the way Piete, is there gonna be a ego list (rankings) like there
> was with the RC4? 

Err -- look on http://www.brute.cl.cam.ac.uk/brute/ -- follow CRACKED and then
look at:

	Credits are available as plain text and as a table (needs a browser
	which supports tables !).

"plain text" is <PRE> while "table" needs a fancy browser.

PS: I am working on beloop and brclient still, based on comments.
    brclient now uses early binding on the project, reducing traffic.
    brloop now has -h and -i flags, and a "-a" flag to create a .brloop.rc
    If allowed, it will log allocated and ACKed keys
    I have a "Local CPU Farm" slave server available
    Kevin <[email protected]> is working on a central server to "rsh"
	work to local CPUs.
    I am against pre-fetching of the next chunk, as I believe it should not be
	necessary (I'll review that after Hal3) and it tends to increase NOACKs

BTW: you make the 1% (of the TOTAL keyspace) cut :-)

              Credits for the CRACK of Hal's Second Challenge (plain) (p1 of 3)


   Note that thet %age is the percentage of the complete address space.

   This data is also available as a table for users with a suitable

%age  ACKs NoAs ACK/n ID
===== ==== ==== ===== ======================
8.498 5569 1572 0.780 [email protected]
2.182 1430  454 0.759 [email protected]k
1.892 1240    8 0.994 [email protected]
1.587 1040  386 0.729 [email protected]
1.437  942  412 0.696 [email protected]
1.375  901    0 1.000 [email protected]
1.367  896   51 0.946 [email protected]
1.294  848  567 0.599 [email protected]
1.083  710  879 0.447 [email protected]
1.044  684   42 0.942 [email protected]
1.025  672    0 1.000 [email protected]
1.003  657  214 0.754 [email protected]
0.891  584  254 0.697 [email protected]