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Re: Poisson numbers for random keyspace assignment

>   The whole thing can be managed via Imail, which I must point out to
> you Totally Connected People, is the least-common denominator for
> participation here. You have =lots= of people out here who would like to
> join the Cypherpunks Brute Squad (We gotta get T-shirts for this one!)
> but don't have WWW access.

I had the impression that there were email / WWW gateways -- are there not ?
If there are, could someone send me (privately) info, and I'll try to sort
out an easy way to do it.

Failing that, email me with either:

	Subject: Request for brute keyspace

	request 20 segments


	Subject: ACK for brute keyspace

	ACK        2977 3659 0ce1 1 no

(some indication of number of email only people who would like to participate
 would be useful. Email me (not CP!) with a subject line of "offer for brute"
 giving your total k/s rate so I know how much power thgere is out there