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Sorry if someone has already posted this but I didn't think
I had seem it on the list:

Found this on Uk.misc:

[email protected] (Alec Muffett) wrote:
>>	Sunday 3rd September. 7:00pm on Channel 4. Equinox.
>>	"Cybersecurity" - an investigation into cryptography, the
>>	Internet, civil rights, Phil Zimmerman, PGP (and should we be
>>	permitted to use it?) and so forth.
>>I, for one, am going to be videoing it.
>>Let's just hope they get it right.
>Having seen a preview trailer of the program I am glad to say that it
>comes down on the _right_ side (ie right to privacy, etc).
>It also refers to cipherpunks as "rebel programmers" - I dunno but
>I quite like this description of them :-) Has a sort of cult-hero status
>about it. 


ps Can't watch it cos I'm in Oz let us know if it was any good.