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Lance from New York


I am a college student who will graduate from Syracuse University in August.
I am considering starting an online business, but I don't know if my idea is
good enough to succeed.  As an experienced internet user, could you
please provide me your thoughts on my idea.

My idea is to open an online store that allows people to purchase
personal items from the privacy of home.  I would then ship the items to
the customers in discreet packages and maintain strict confidentiality.

I think most folks would like to purchase personal items in private.  By
personal items I mean birth control devices, feminine hygiene products,
diet pills, hair treatments for balding, and  many other products such
as, adult diapers.  I have always been embarrassed when purchasing some
of these items and I figure there has to be many other folks that feel
the same way.    

If you think this is a good idea or you might use a web site like this,
please reply to this message.  If you have ANY suggestions, such as what
type of products I should sell, please send me the advice.

Thank you for your time.

Lance C.