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As an internet marketer you already know there are no sure fire ways to create an instant online success, but with your business expertise and NDMC's years of online promotion experience together we can craft a plan that will all but guarantee success for you and your online business. The three main techniques NDMC offers to promote your business include Direct E-mail Marketing, Search Engine Registration, and Pay-Per-Clicks Advertising.

***Direct Email Marketing The Internet provides only one means of proactive marketing online and that is direct email, this allows your online business to go out and make contact with your target market and direct them directly to your web-site or just make an announcement that your business is here and ready for their business. At NDMC we have hundreds of lists available that include lists broken down by categories, all 50 states, and many foreign countries. We also offer Custom list generation for those that have a highly specific target market.

***Search Engine Registration in traditional internet marketing this is the place to start advertising your business online. In the past there have been many companies that offered this service none of which offered you any help in getting your site listed higher in the listings. Click on the above link to find out what you get for your $$ at NDMC

***Pay-Per-Click Advertising The third way NDMC offer's to market your site to the masses. No matter how many times your banners are seen, you pay only when a user actually reads your ad and clicks through to your web-site. 

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