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Announcing SecureDrive Version 1.3


This is to announce the availability of Version 1.3 of SecureDrive.

This release of Secure Drive is based on releases 1.0 and 1.1, mostly
written by

  Mike Ingle <[email protected]>

and version 1.2, with significant new code by myself.

The code which we wrote is not copyrighted, but the program contains GNU
Copylefted code, and therefore may be freely distributed under the terms of
the GNU General Public Licence. See file COPYING for legalese.

Version 1.2 and 1.3 add significant new function.

As of Version 1.2, you may use an operand /PGP with LOGIN, either
by itself, or with other operands. By itself,


will prompt for a passphrase and set the PGPPASS environment variable with
whatever is entered. If PGPPASS is already set then




will use whatever PGPPASS is set to as the passphrase. For the hard
disk partition, LOGIN will test the PGPPASS passphrase. If it is incorrect,
then it will prompt you for another passphrase.

If PGPPASS is NOT set when these forms of LOGIN are used, than a passphrase
is prompted for AND PGPPASS is set to this passphrase. This is more
secure than using the SET command since LOGIN only echoes "*"'s when
entering the passphrase.

As of Version 1.2, typing LOGIN /C /PGP will clear the SecureDrive crypto
keys from memory AND clear the PGPPASS environment variable. This is done
in a manner less likely to leave your passphrase in memory than just using
the DOS SET command.  In addition, Version 1.2 clears all the free memory
it can find, which is likely to include some plaintext.  However, if you
want to be absolutely sure all traces of sensitive data are erased from
memory then turning off the computer is still recommended.

As of version 1.2, if PGPPASS is set before you run CRYPTDSK, CRYPTDSK
will ask to use the value of PGPPASS for the passphrase before
prompting you (for encryption), or try PGPPASS (for decryption).
Obviously, if you encrypt or decrypt a lot of diskettes at once, this
feature can save you a lot of typing.

The purpose of these changes is to allow you to enter a single passphrase
only once per boot IF you choose to use the same passphrase for your PGP
secret key, your SecureDrive encrypted hard disk partition, and SecureDrive
encrypted floppies.

Version 1.3 supports up to four hard drive partitions in "safe" mode,
only one of which may be active at any given time.  One purpose of
having multiple encrypted hard disk partitions is so that up to four
users (perhaps members of a family) can each have their own encrypted
partition with its own unique passphrase.  This allows up to four
users to have privacy from each other, even if they all use the same
PC and physical hard disk(s).

Version 1.3 gives you a choice of whether to use the version 1.1
passphrase digest or to use the (faster but perhaps slightly less
secure) 1.0 version.  If you select 1.0 compatiblity, it's unnecessary
to decrypt and re-encrypt your 1.0-encrypted hard disk partition(s)
and floppies.

If you decide to switch to 1.1 passphrases, Version 1.3 CRYPTDSK will
allow you to convert in one pass with no plaintext stored on disk.

Version 1.3 includes the 1.2 changes for using PGPPASS. There are
additional ehhancements to allow you to use the hard disk passphrase
for the floppy disks without typing it in, even if PGPPASS is not set
or is something different.

Version 1.3 CRYPTDSK will operate on hard drives with SECTSR loaded.
It uses SECTSR to protect the disk during conversion and will leave an
encrypted disk partition in protected mode.

Mike Ingle and I have different opinions on the distribution of
SecureDrive.  Under the GNU General License (copyleft) I do not need
Mike's permission to distribute version 1.3 and I have not asked for
same.  My policy on distribution is in the version 1.3 doc:

    Exporting this program.  Cryptography is export controlled, and
    sending this program outside the country may be illegal.  Don't do

    The "author" of versions 1.2 and 1.3, Edgar Swank, says that the
    export ban should not prevent you from placing this program on
    public BBS's and anonymous FTP sites in the US and Canada.  If
    individuals outside the US/Canada use the internet or
    international long distance to obtain copies of the program, THEY
    may be breaking US law.

    Any such foreign individuals should be aware that US law
    enforcement may legally (under US law) apprehend individuals who
    break US laws even if such individuals are not on or even have
    never been on US soil.  Such apprehension may remove such
    individuals directly to US jurisdiction without benefit of
    extradition proceedings in such individuals' home country(ies).
    This has actually happened in at least two cases, Mexico --
    suspect in murder of US drug agent, Panama -- Noriega -- indicted
    in absencia for drug smuggling.  As is well known, after a small
    war with Panama, Noriega was brought to the USA, tried and
    convicted.  He is now a guest of the US Government in a Florida

SecureDrive Version 1.3 is already available for download on the
following public BBS's as SECDRV13.ZIP:

  Eagle's Nest         (408)223-9821
  Flying Dutchman      (408)294-3065

I am sending today (1/27) copies of Version 1.3 to many of you
who requested Version 1.2.  I will send copies to the rest of you
in the next few days.

I will send a FEW more copies via E-mail to persons with a US/Canada
net address who request a copy AND promise to upload it to an e-mail
fileserver or anonymous FTP site.  (I don't have access to FTP from my
account here).

Others, please be patient. I will announce here as I learn of Version
1.3 availability via automated e-mail or FTP.

Here is the contents of SECDRV13.ZIP:

 Length  Method   Size  Ratio   Date    Time    CRC-32  Attr  Name
 ------  ------   ----- -----   ----    ----   -------- ----  ----
  19664  DeflatX   4183  79%  11-19-93  21:42  22c2502c --w-  CRYPT2.ASM
    152  Stored     152   0%  01-26-94  13:50  103e49b0 --w-  SECTSR.SIG
  15392  DeflatX   3806  76%  01-24-94  02:10  0f76d44f --w-  CRYPTDSK.C
    152  Stored     152   0%  01-26-94  13:50  e5971bcc --w-  LOGIN.SIG
    152  Stored     152   0%  01-26-94  13:51  c11247ab --w-  CRYPTDSK.SIG
  18321  DeflatX   6914  63%  06-14-93  22:27  0767480b --w-  COPYING
   1632  DeflatX   1260  23%  12-04-93  00:43  980125ec --w-  KEY.ASC
  10915  DeflatX   3003  73%  01-22-94  18:40  c3446c57 --w-  LOGIN.C
   1355  DeflatX    629  54%  01-21-94  08:44  db63ade4 --w-  RLDBIOS.ASM
     33  Stored      33   0%  07-16-93  06:09  aa6151a5 --w-  M.BAT
   1332  DeflatX    518  62%  01-26-94  13:42  bbb5655c --w-  MAKEFILE
  11557  DeflatX   3277  72%  05-09-93  19:38  e71f3eea --w-  MD5.C
   3407  DeflatX   1097  68%  05-11-93  12:49  f1f58517 --w-  MD5.H
  10343  DeflatX   2707  74%  01-23-94  02:29  0b935e6f --w-  SDCOMMON.C
  30641  DeflatX  10321  67%  01-24-94  04:01  c4e930cc --w-  SECDRV.DOC
   3020  DeflatX    909  70%  01-24-94  03:32  8ee1c1f6 --w-  SECDRV.H
  24587  DeflatX   7700  69%  01-24-94  03:32  5ee1ce10 --w-  SECTSR.ASM
   1778  DeflatX   1151  36%  01-26-94  13:44  1182f861 --w-  SECTSR.COM
   7507  DeflatX   2581  66%  12-29-93  21:15  ceda9b20 --w-  SETENV.ASM
   1254  DeflatX    541  57%  05-09-93  19:39  182978aa --w-  USUALS.H
  33280  DeflatX  15718  53%  01-26-94  13:44  cdb55069 --w-  LOGIN.EXE
  34424  DeflatX  16398  53%  01-26-94  13:44  dc1ca9a9 --w-  CRYPTDSK.EXE
 ------          ------  ---                                  -------
 230898           83202  64%                                       22

Also note that the ZIP file contains PGP detached signatures (*.SIG)
for the executable files.  Finally here is my public key, also
available on many public keyservers; note who has signed it.

Type bits/keyID   Date       User ID
pub  1024/87C0C7 1992/10/17  Edgar W. Swank <[email protected]>
Version: 2.3a


Version: 2.3a


[email protected] (Edgar W. Swank)
SPECTROX SYSTEMS +1.408.252.1005  Cupertino, Ca