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Re: Fixes to loop.c et al. for DES,IDEA,stego now done

On Tue, 6 Aug 1996, Ian Goldberg wrote:

> This directory contains patches to the Linux kernel to enable encryption and
> steganography of filesystems. Encryption allows you to have a scrambled
> partition or file that, with the proper pass phrase, you can mount, just
> like a normal filesystem. Steganography allows you to hide a filesystem in
> the low bits of, say, an audio file. You can even combine these two to hide
> a scrambled filesystem in the low bits of an audio file (see the example,
> below).

With the addition of stego, this arrangment seems to be rather similar to 
CFS.  So the question on my mind, is can the loop device(s) be 
multi-threaded? I decided to be clever one evening and moved all my home 
directories to cfs directories.. unfortunatly when two instances of the 
same user try to hit their CFS home directory at once, the whole machine 
goes flubflub and and needs to be rebooted. Single threading didnt seem 
like such a terrible thing when I installed cfs, but lately its become 
rather restrictive and ugly to deal with. Please tell me theres a better 
way. :)