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Welcome to the cypherpunks mailing list.

We have a real mailing list now, and not just a mail alias on my
account.  Thanks to John Gilmore for space on hoptoad and Hugh Daniel
for setting things up.

Mail to the list members at

	[email protected]

Request additions or deletions, talk to the list maintainer (me, Eric
Hughes) at

	[email protected]

Tell your friends about the list and have them join if they wish, and
have them do the same, but please do not post the list address yet.
We'd like to have a core group working before we advertise to avoid
diffusion of interest at the outset.



Second Meeting -- October 10, 1992

The second meeting will be held at the new Cygnus offices.  Exact
address and directions to follow.

We do not have an exact agenda yet, but one should be arriving in the
next few days.  Please mark you calendars now and start telling your

For this meeting and until further announced, we are using a
transitive trust system for invitations.  Invite anybody you want and
let them invite anybody they want and so on.

The crypto-anarchy game we tried out at the first meeting was as good
a success as we could have hoped for from an untested idea.  The game
seems useful and fun enough to warrant continued play and play
testing, so we'll be playing again at this and future meetings.  

We observed several interesting emergent behaviors in the first
session, including resellers and reputation behaviors.  We'll play a
two hour session this time and discuss it afterwards.