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PGP echo conference...

Date: 03 Oct 92 17:22:42 
From: Christopher Baker on 374/14
To:   Tom Jennings on 125/111 Subj: PUBLIC_KEYS Echo announcement

 * Forwarded from 1:374/14, Rights On! in Titusville FL
 * Originally to All in the ECHO_REQ echo.

attention all public-key encryption buffs:

a new Echo has been started for discussion and distribution of public-key encryption info. since it was only born a couple hours ago, it is being distributed privately from 1:374/14 [9600+ HST/V32] and 1:374/26 [2400].

 here are the details from the EListing:


title  Public-Key Encryption and Distribution Echo

desc  Provides a technical forum for discussion of public-key desc  encryption techniques and programs and for the distribution desc  of public-keys in FidoNet and other BBS and e-mail networks.  desc  PUBLIC_KEYS is Moderated by Christopher Baker at 1:374/14 desc  [KeyID: 1024/4B9A59] and GK Pace at 1:374/26 [KeyID: desc  1024/B6B823]. The messages entered into the Echo are the sole desc  responsibility of the person entering the messages.  When in desc  doubt about public-keys, contact the poster directly via Netmail.  desc  The Echo is open to anyone with an interest in public-key desc 

encryption issues and methods. The Echo Guidelines are contained desc  in PUBKEYS.RUL available in ELRUL???.LZH as of 11/92.

 mod   C.Baker/GK.Pace, 1:374/14

tot   2

vol   10/week

dist  LOCAL, ZONE1

SEEN  374/14 374/26

PATH  374/14 374/26


here's the info from the .RUL file to be found in ELRUL as of 11/92:

This is the PUBLIC_KEYS Echo. The purpose of the Echo is to provide a place to post and find public-keys for data encryption within FidoNet and elsewhere and to discuss data and software encryption and the various schemes thereof.

 This is a technical Echo with very few rules. Those very few rules are:

1. Stay on-topic. Topics of keys and encryption are welcome. Others are not.

 2. No politics [except as it relates to privacy issues] and no religion.

 3. No personal attacks, slurs or innuendo. Stick to issues not


 4. No Private flagged messages in Echomail! Encrypted traffic using

  public-keys is permitted for the exercise so long as it is on-topic.

 5. This Echo may be traveling around the world so try to be concise. Avoid

  excessive quoting for one-liner responses.

 6. Be aware that Echomail is NOT secure. Don't take anything at face value.

 7. The posts in this Echo are the sole responsiblity of the poster. If you

  need verification, use Netmail.

 8. The Moderators will deal with off-topic traffic. Don't respond for them.

  Links to this Echo will only be curtailed when absolutely necessary so

  please don't make it necessary. [grin]

The Moderators are Christopher Baker [KeyID: 1024/4B9A59 1992/10/03] and GK Pace [KeyID: 1024/B6B823 1992/09/28] at 1:374/14 and 1:374/26, respectively.

 It is recommended that public-keys be made available via Netmail or by file-request with the magic filename: PGPKEY and that the public-key provided for that request by given a distinctive filename using part or all of each provider's name and address. For example, on my system, a file-request of PGPKEY will give BAK37414.ASC to the requesting system. This will avoid duplicate overwriting and make it easier to track the keys. Using a standard magic filename will make it easier to find keys on different systems.

 This Echo is not currently on the Zone 1 Backbone distribution list but that is expected to change as soon as the word gets out. This Echo will be EListed in ELIST211 next month. Please feel free to announce and distribute this Echo to all interested participants in your area.


 TTFN.  Christopher Baker & GK Pace Moderators


any questions? anyone with Areafix already set for this system or for 1:374/26 may link in remotely. all others need to send a Netmail request. the Echo will be distributed privately until it is large enough for moving to the Zone 1 Backbone [or any other Backbones who want to get into it].


 TTFN.  Chris & GK

* Origin: Rights On! - Announcing ANOTHER Echo? - Titusville_FL (1:374/14)

* Forwarded by Christopher Baker on 1:374/14, Rights On! in Titusville FL

Tom Jennings - via FidoNet node 1:125/555
    UUCP: ...!uunet!hoptoad!kumr!fidogate!111!Tom.Jennings
INTERNET: [email protected]