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The subject of Saturday's game

Excellent message.  I agree with your points about drugs.  I also like
the organization topics you suggest for the game.  

	 In this vein, let me suggest some subjects for future simulations:

		 - organizing the Boston Tea Party in the face of British spies
		 and informers

		 - purchasing condoms or Lady Chatterley's Lover back when they
		 were banned (these bans seem so absurd now, that trying to get
		 around them seems sensible and ordinary, and may start people
		 thinking about the absurdity of current interdictions)

		 - Yeltsin/Gorbachev vs the coup leaders

On the victory conditions.  Right now, the game is declared over as
soon as any party accomplishes their objective.  This creates the
incentive to prevent other people from accomplishing their objective,
even if it would help me accomplish mine.  

The use of topics like the above gives clearer victory conditions:
One side or the other wins, even though that side only loosely
includes any particular participant in the game (an informer wins if
either his nominal side wins without his duplicity being revealed, or
if the opposition wins).

A plausible generic form of victory condition is for one 'side' to
succesfully transact some secure exchange, or for the other 'side' to
successfully break such a secure transaction.  I don't know how to
allow decoys with this model of victory.  Hmmm...

	 To life and liberty,