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Re: drugs and simulation games.

Unfortunately the first two things which come to mind are:

coffee (a drug - actually an excuse for gathering)
papers on public key cryptography (primary information)

radios - illegel in Russia and I believe elsewhere during WWII
East German typewriters - I had one

Also a slight deviation: many medicines (and soon herbal contraptions) 
which are doctor monoply items here, but over the counter in most other

Religious artifacts of any number of banned religions.

Divorce (opps, not a physical object).

Really on thinking about it, I believe that the trade of ideas is always
far more repressed than the trade in any kind of stuff.


> We want to develop a list of game items, physical objects, which will
> be the goods of transaction.  I would like to pick objects that have
> been illegal in the past, but which are not anymore.  They should not
> be primarily information, such as copies of _Ulysses_.  They should
> not now be restricted.  Nor should they be weapons