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Integrated privacy...

 U> Absolutely.  The most crying need now, IMO, is to better 
 U> integrate the cryptographic tools into mail readers and 
 U> senders, so that it's not such a pain to use these things. 
 U>  People should be able to give a single command or press a 
 U> button to decrypt an incoming message or encrypt an 
 U> outgoing one.

I just completed (well, it's in "beta") a mail-reader package for
MSDOS and FidoNet. It does "rm" type stuff, and has PGP integrated
reawonably well. Single character commands to decrypt, encrypt, sign,
or encrypt/sign. It furnishes the distributed PGP.EXE program with
it's imput (deriving it from the message itself). It'll extract keys
from messages, and all that.

It's MSDOS and .MSG-type FidoNet message base oriented, but it does
all it's work in pure ASCII (FidoNet .MSG files are mixed binary and
text). It is intentionally "RFC-822 like", and will become fully
RFC-822 "soon".

I was reasonably careful regarding de-cyphered plaintext laying about
on disk, etc. It's available via Wazoo filerequest as magicname RM.
(That's probably as obscure to you as FTP is to FidoNet.)

It will be released as "copyleft" with all sources. Binaries only
this week til I get it shaken down.

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