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"Cypherpunks write code"

Eric Hughes writes:

> Cypherpunks write code.
> This will mean someone who knows Procomm, Crosstalk, Qmodem, Telix,
> etc.  for the PC, someone who knows the various Mac, Amiga, Atari, and
> other machines.  This will mean someone to write nice pretty visual
> interfaces for PGP to put all the PGP options on menus where they are
> all visible.  This will mean people to think about BBS/terminal
> protocols.  This will mean lots of individual contributions, no single
> of which need be large, but whose sum will be.
> Eric

Count me in on the Procomm scripting.  I *may* do something for Telix,

Who knows?  I may sell the scripts/interfaces on AMiX.   ;-)

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