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Registering Keys...

>From: Hal <[email protected]>

>This proposal makes it illegal for people to communicate so secretly
>that the government can't find out what they are saying.  It could
>apply to postal mail as well as email - it would be illegal to send
>a message via post which the government couldn't interpret.  If this
>is really the government's purpose, then it should also require that all
>private conversations be recorded, and the resulting tapes be "escrowed"
>similarly in case the government needed to find out what was said,
>for which it would have to get a court order.

>As Tim suggested, this is probably a "trial balloon" being floated to
>see what the reaction is.  Let's see that it gets shot down.

I find it repugnant that we've gone all the way over to the notion
that people must actively cooperate with their own enslavement. We'd
better start getting organized flames against this idea mobilized.
Denning is on the net -- anyone care to start flaming on sci.crypt?
Its likely the place that will get the most response in the general