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Re: Alpha Particles and One Time Pads

Re Pete's proposal for an on-net random source which could be accessible to
users who would then use a psuedo-random process to select which bits to use
in compiling cypher keys:

What you'll get will be superencipherment, which is no more secure than the
links in the chain.  The random stream would be non-secure; and so we're
left with the security of the psuedo-random selection process.  

To analogise somewhat, white noise put through a filter has the
characteristics of the filter.  Try it with FM static and a graphic

Now to play devil's advocate here, I wonder if a less-than-perfect physical
random source would be acceptable, since the potential domain of decryptions
would be large enough that unicity in cryptanalysis would in practice be
unattainable.  What do you think...?