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Copies of Crypt Handout and RSA FAQ

Some people on this list picked up on my mention of the 60-page
handout distributed at our first meeting (9-19-92) and have asked
about getting copies.

I've distributed all the copies I made before, but may be willing to
make more. The problem is cost and time: each copy costs me about
$2.00 and there are more than 100 people on this list. Any ideas?

I also have a fresh copy of RSA's 52-page FAQ (which is also available
by ftp, but many folks have had problems printing it). The same
calculation applies.

Whatever the solution, I will only make one "copy run," as I don't
want to be a document distribution service on a continuing basis.
Until a solution appears, PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME REQUESTS, MONEY, ETC.

BTW, this applies to PGP 2.0 diskettes as well. I just mailed a
diskette to someone who'd been unable to get the ftp'ed version. (And
my diskette came from someone on this list, too...thanks!) I didn't
ask for postage or diskette fees, but I clearly can't do this with
dozens of folks. And yet it seems we ought to find a way to do this.

One idea is to put our ideas into practice by having some kind of
"escrow service" which holds deposited money (small amounts, given the
items discussed here) and which can be used to buy small items, with
payments handled electronically (ultimately settled with actual
checks, of course). This could get out of hand, of course, so it's
just an idea. Any comments?

P.S. And don't forget to make your suggestions on the Crypto session
at Hackers. I'll be issuing a status report soon.

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