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re: Why I Don't Use PGP

 U> From: [email protected] (Timothy C. May)

 U> 10. Because I use a Mac and the Mac version is not out yet.

I'll ask in the FidoNet PUBLIC_KEYS echo about Smackintoshes.

 U> 9. Because the Mac version may NEVER be out.

... prolly cuz noone can figger out how to make a lot of money from

 U> 4. Because I'm not yet convinced it is needed. 

Ayup. My feelings exackly. This is starting to sound just like my gun
arguments... I don't need one on the street, but someday I may, no?

 U> 3. Because ideally our mailers should handle this in a 
 U> push-button way 

Some do already...

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