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re: Why I Don't Use PGP...

 U> From: [email protected] (Hal)

 U> The best way to integrate PGP into other software is a 
 U> tough
 U> question.  There are so many different ways in which 
 U> people read and send mail. 

 U> don't know which programs can do this.  A lot of Unix 
 U> programs can, like VI and EMACS, but I don't know about 
 U> PC's or other home machines.  PGP has a filter mode which 

Not to brag, but my offline-reader (DOS version of a 'read news'
program), as well as at least one other I know of, does a pretty good
job of this. It handles the decrypted plaintext reasonably securely
too. It does the decryption locally. (You have to manage your own
keyrings externally, though of course keys embedded in messages are
handled OK.)

Solutions are out there.

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