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Re: anonymous remailer

>Fellow cypherpunks:

(Karl's remailer announcement, key, and script elided.  Thanks, Karl -- the
more the merrier!  And the more, the safer, I would think.)

I've got a couple really trivial comments.  Karl, your script called "mail"
to deliver the file.  Looks like it works on your machine, but on mine,
"mail" called /bin/mail, which seemed to put an "Apparently-To: xxx" header
in the message, and messed things up.  If any of you have a problem with
Karl's script, you might check that.  I used elm to send the file, but I
would think /bin/mailx or /bin/Mail (depending on what Unix you're using)
would work as well.

Also, I'm hoping one of you who is proficient in perl will rewrite the
darn thing.  It needs generalizing, and perl's just the language for
the job...  As a Bourne shell script, it looks ugly, especially with all
those temporary files all over the place.

Bill O'Hanlon						 [email protected]