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Suggest splitting things up

To Cypherpunks:

Greetings,  Back on-line again,  after wading through about 225 messages
that has accumulated in the last 4 days.   The volume of messages
is really getting high,  and perhaps we might want to try and break
them up into the following proposed lists.

  a) PGP Development - a mailing list has already been set up,  but
     is reserved exclusivly for those doing the actual coding work.
  b) Digital money - A lot of traffic seems to contain this subject,
     which is all very interesting,  but doesn't apply to me because
     money is something I never seem to have anyway.
  c) Key management and collaboration - for discussion on various key
     exchange methodology.
Anyway,  this is just a thought.    And might help to cut down traffic.
One also might consider setting up a newsgroup.