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Re: Suggest splitting things up

At  1:22 PM 12/2/92 -0800, John Draper wrote:

>To Cypherpunks:
>Greetings,  Back on-line again,  after wading through about 225 messages
>that has accumulated in the last 4 days.   The volume of messages
>is really getting high,  and perhaps we might want to try and break
>them up into the following proposed lists.

Sounds like a fine idea.

john noerenberg
[email protected]
noerenberg.j (Applelink)
Do not uselessly lament your luck that is giving way, your work that has
failed, your life's plans that have all ended in despair.  Like a man long
prepared, like a man of courage, bid her farewell, the Alexandria that
leaves you.
-- "The God Abandons Anthony", Constantine Peter Cavafy [1911]