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Tapes of Cypherpunks meeting?

>Fourth Meeting
>When: Saturday, Dec 12, 1992, 12:00 noon
>Where: Cygnus Support offices

Would it be possible to pay someone to video (or at least audio)
tape this meeting (& others)--or at least the scheduled speakers?  
I can imagine privacy concerns...  Maybe someone could
get ready to do it and then ask the attendees whether it's okay,
or under what arrangement.  There will definitely be people there
with somewhat informed opinions on whether to trust me.

This brings up a fun concept: encrypted digital video and audio.
Would it be hard to do IDEA encryption at the standard CD rate?
There are schemes to compress video to that rate--how available
are they?  How much investment in equipment and crunch time do 
you need?  How easy is it to interrupt the bit streams in and out
of a DAT recorder?  How cheap is the decoder?

At present I would prefer VHS.

from out of nowhere
[email protected] (FutureNerd Steve Witham)