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Electronic P.O.Boxes

	Thanks for the comments.  Right now (as far as I know) the
only way to be able to receive "anonymous replies" is for you to
include in your message the appropriate header.  This is the method I
use: create the necessary remailing request to your real mail address,
and include that with the instructions on how to use it.  For example:

----here is a sample letter----
	This is an anonymous letter and you don't know who I am.  To
reply, cut everything below the marks, add your text on the end, and
send the whole thing to this address: <a remailer's address>

-----cut here-----
Encrypted: PGP

<here is where you would put your encrypted remailing request to your
real mail address...>

<Enter your text here, below the "END PGP" block that will delimit the
remailing request.  Mail the portion between the cut marks to the
appropriate remailer.>
----cut here----
----end of the sample letter----

It works! 

| Karl L. Barrus                    |
| [email protected] (NeXTMail) |
| [email protected]             |