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remailer extension (contact field)

I've added a contact field to my remailer.  To contact me (the
operator of remailer03 <[email protected]>) you can use the
following header:

----cut here----

----cut here----

Note the colon after contact and the blank line at the end.
Encryption of this header is supported as well; you can reach me by
encrypting this contact header and doing the usual.

For those interested - here are the changes to maildelivery and
remail.pl (I haven't been able to study the remailer code much, and am
just learning perl, so this can probably be improved.)

Changes to maildelivery, before the * on the last line
Add the following: (I spaced everything out in the file)

Contact  ""  pipe R  remail.pl
Contact  ""  file A  archive.remail

Add to remail.pl, before the block that begins
                  if (/^Request-Remailing-To:/ || /^Anon-To:/)

if (/^Contact:/) {
  chop ;
  s/^.*// ;
  $addressee = $_ ;
  $addressee = "[email protected]" ;

I don't know perl well enough to figure out what can or can't be
deleted (specifically the $addressee = $_ line, etc.)

| Karl L. Barrus                    |
| [email protected] (NeXTMail) |
| [email protected]             |