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Reputation Systems

> it's easier on the nerves, attitude, and karma to assume the best
> in those I interact with.

But you can not interact with everyone that that has the technical means to
post a message.  If you can now, somehow, (you can't do much else if you
want to keep up with 50MB per day), then in the near future you will not be
able to.

So, you need a way to pick who to interact with.  

> I think it's significant that there are really so
> few of us on the net who are actually insufferable and refuse to be shouted
> down to reasonable behavior by the civil rest of us. Those few who are will

If you are referring to the current state of the UseNet, then I suggest
that you keep in mind that until fairly recently the access was mostly
limited to people in universities, and research departments of hi-tech
corporations.  This is a highly selected group of people, and can not be
compared to the "general public".

As communications technology becomes cheaper, more widespread and
accessible to anyone that wants to, and eventually ubiquitous like the
telephone is now, the number of people that will be able to "interact" will
be much greater.

In general, I view this as a good thing.  Unfortunately, the ratio
of people that I would find _interesting_ or _usefule_ to "talk" to in
relation to the total number of people I _can_ talk to will decrease

> not be prevented from troubling us by the measures being advocated - positive
> reps, scores on 1-to-10 scales, etc. - any more than weapon makers are
> deterred by manufacturers of armor. someone who really wanted to could still

I don't think anyone intends to use reputation systems to prevent someone
from posting a message, instead as a means to easily filter the messages
you personally want to read.  

Or maybe even not filter, but as some suggested, _sort_.  So you would first
read (and reply to) the messages of people with a higher reputation for
writing informative articles, or participating in interesting discussions.  

To some extent, this already is already occurring.  If there are some
people that you remember from the past as interesting people to talk to,
you are more likely to read their messages.  

An automated system would let you benefit from other peoples' memories.

> groups with garbage? And if it ever becomes a problem, we'll just have to
> appoint a moderator, perhaps on a rotating basis, from among those of us who

Think of a reputation system as being a distributed moderator.

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