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Re: Signing ascii text

> (e.g., email messages, etc). Is there a convention for the end of line
> sequence that is to be used for the copy of the file that is run through
> the hash function? If there isn't, then the file hash will depend on the

Canonical Text has a CR and LF at the end of each line.  This is 
documented in some RFC.  All (most?) protocols used on internet such
as smtp, finger, etc, use this format.  The possible justification
is that an extra linefeed or a carriage return is not as bad as a missing

For e-mail you may have other problems, if the messages go through
gateways that like to munge messages.  For example your tabs could
be expanded into spaces, or the other way around.  Some character
set conversions may be done.

Blank lines may be removed or added.

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