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Crypto Bus to Winter Usenix in San Diego

  [The Bays (SF and Monteray) area CypherPunks are thinking of takeing
a bus to Usenix, if you don't live near the Bays you might want to
ingore this message.]
  Ok a bus will cost about $2500 round trip (keeping the bus in the
parking lot for the three or four days of Usenix).  If we get 20
people to ride the bus the cost per person is about $125, if we get 30
folks the cost per person is about $83, both of these are ROUND trip
  If you are interested in rideing the Crypto Bus I need a commitment
from you as to a price point.  If you are willing to ride the bus at
say, $115, then send me <[email protected]> (and NOT the group!) email
saying what your price point is and if we get enough people then we
will do a bus.  I need as many commitments as possable this week
(before the new year) to get a bus reserved, if you don't read this
before the new year then respond on monday or tuesday next week.  Late
commers will be taken on a first come first served basis, if there are
enough folks to do a bus in the next few days.
  Bus will leave SF Bay area and make a day trip into Mexico, and
return to SF Bay area.  We get to stop and eat where we want!  If you
are willing to leave early Sunday, Monday, Thursday or Friday so that
we can do a long streach of Mexico coast or something please include
that in your email to me.
  If you have questions please feal free to contact me.

		||ugh Daniel
		Just a 555 acting as a Bus Driver...