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Re: Anon remailer to USENET gate bogus

> I have been experimenting the past few days with anon remailer to USENET 
> gateway systems to see what the results would be -- nada. I used Chael's 
> BSU system ([email protected]) to attempt a usenet post which never 
> (magically?) appeared in the desired group (alt.privacy, I believe). I 
> waited for several days for the post, but nada, zilch, zero. I retried 
> the bsu remailer with a test message to make sure it was still active, 
> and yes, it seemed to work perfectly. My guess is that the usenet gateway 
> at utexas refuses anon e-mail. Anyone got any other suggestions? I 
> haven't tried any other gateways -- yet.

You're right.  Fletcher Mattox disabled anonymous posts a while back. :(
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