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Re: Anon remailer to USENET gate bogus

> and yes, it seemed to work perfectly. My guess is that the usenet gateway 
> at utexas refuses anon e-mail. Anyone got any other suggestions? I 

This could very well be.  An associate of mine :-) discovered that
anonymous posts made via remailers concerning the student suspension
at UH (traffic on comp.admin.policy and alt.comp.acad-freedom.talk a
few weeks ago) stopped showing quite suddenly.

On the other hand, be advised that the gateway at UTexas doesn't post
to all groups - I tried posting to alt.security once, only to have the
post returned to me with a note "group renamed to comp.security.misc".

So if anonymous posts are filtered - how is it being done?  If it is
something simple like refusing posts from a username of nobody then
that can be fixed easily enough.  But it may block posts by taking
addresses from the list of remailers.

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