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"Big Brother Inside" logo


I have just now finished my "Big Brother Inside" logo.  Here is a recap:

The logo was scanned in as 600dpi line-art on a Microtech scanner (logo
from an ad in Time mag.).  I then used Adobe Photoshop to change the size
to 8.667" wide and 8" tall, at 300 dpi.  At this size, I messed with the 
letters, and smoothed out all the aliasing bumbs that the scanner made.

Short story:  The logo is REALLY cool.  I have a 8.667" by 8" logo and 
a 2" by 1.8" version (for stickers) - I envision the larger one
being for T-shirts...  I am investigating having Tshirts made with
the logo on the front and a blurb about not using the Clipper (or is
it Skipjack?) chips.  Does anyone have any good ideas for what to 
put on the back?  so far I have this:

                     (BIG LETTERS HERE)
                     Fight the Clipper.
(Smaller letters)
   Arise, you have nothing to lose but your barbed wire fences! 
    (with Tim's permission, assuming he grants it)
               Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
         Consult the EFFto find out what you can do:
              Electronic Frontier Foundation
                   1001 G Street, NW
                     Suite 950 East
                  Washington, DC 20001
                  VOX  +1 202 347 5400
                  FAX  +1 202 393 5509
                  Internet: [email protected]

Anyway, I will send the files in Gif and PICT format to soda in the morning
(I have been having REAL problems with sending data over the phone lately)

BTW, has anyone had luck getting that guy's phone number - the one who said he
could make vinyl stickers?

I'll keep posting about the T-shirts...

-nate sammons
 [email protected]