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Re: D. Bernstein's Open Letter on NIST-PKP-DSA

> [flaming over sci.crypt posts]
> >What was their rationale?  I'd rather see relevent postings reposted here-
> >damnit, I don't have *time* to read 280MB a week of news!  What's the person's
> >problem who flamed you?
> rationale was that most people on the list also read sci.crypt. And it
> is irritating for some to see the same message in multiple places, but
> personally I appreciate the redunancy.

I do, too!  I don't have time to read sci.crypt, which has upwards of 50
messages a day posted to it.  I'd much rather see relevent culls posted here.
Isn't that what this list is all about, getting information out to people
instead of censoring or controlling it?  I'd rather delete the ones I don't
wanna see, personally.  I think your flamer was way off base.
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