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Re: D. Bernstein's Open Letter

In-Reply-To: <[email protected]> from "L.
From Ed Carp:
> From L. Detweiler:
 >> Someone flamed once over including Usenet (esp. sci.crypt) postings
>What was their rationale?  I'd rather see relevent postings reposted here-
 >damnit, I don't have *time* to read 280MB a week of news!  What's the
>person's problem who flamed you?
        I second that.  I _don't_ have Usenet access (I actually would be
willing to read 280MB a week), or ftp access.  This mailing list is my only
source of information of this kind.
        If this person can back their rationale with a e-mail gateway to
usenet newsgroups (not just an e-mail POSTING server like utexas'), I might
see some justification...