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N.>This is the cypherpunks list, not the extropians list. The article was 
N.>about cypherpunks, not extropians, so it's irrelevent whether the 
N.>extrops are luddites.
N.>As for the c-punks, there's nothing inherently non-luddite about us. 
N.>Not all of us accept all uses of computers and technology without 
N.>question. There are certain machines that need to be trashed. I
N.>liked the reference in the article. I don't think it was 100% accurate, 
N.>but you should be aware that there ARE cypherpunks Luddites lurking out 

N.> .snail

However the list was founded and is dominated by extropians and (small e) 
expropianism is the dominent philosophy of the nets.

Ned Lud and the boys wished to keep themselves and everyone else poor, 
smash technology, and stop the world just so they would not have to 
transform their lives.  Just like the french farmers of today.  Since one 
must already have transformed one's life to get connected to the nets (at 
least at this stage of technology) there can't be too many genuine 
luddites here.  

If anyone qualifies as luddites in this contrroversy it is the 
*government*.  They are trying to slow the pace of technological 
transformation because it realizes that bureaucratic structures are 
hopless market competitors and will be destroyed by technological change.

I, for one, am not going to permint the neeo-luddites of the coercive 
state apparatus to stop change just so they can avoid honest work.

Duncan Frissell

EDI, Temporary Employment, Quants, Securitization, Equipment Leasing, 
Fullfillment Companies, Overnight Delivery Services, Facsimile Machines

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