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BOOK: Differential Cryptanalysis

Just yesterday I saw _Differential Cryptanalysis of the Data
Encryption Standard_ by Biham and Shamir at a local bookstore and
immediately purchased it.  It is published by Springer-Verlag (who
also publish Salomaa's _Public Key Cryptography_); ISBN 0-387-97930-1
and 3-540-97930-1.

The book describes the differential cryptanalysis attack, which is
also applicable to "bounded-round versions" of certain other
cryptosystems [what is a "bounded-round version" anyway?].  Phil
Zimmerman is acknowledged in the Preface [could this be the same prz
of PGP?]

I haven't had a chance to read the book - I've just been flipping
around so far, but here are the chapters:

1	Introduction
2	Results
3	Introduction to Differential Cryptanalysis
4	Differential Cryptanalysis of DES Variants
		four rounds
		six rounds
		eight rounds
		arbitrary number of rounds
		modified variants of DES
		DES with independent keys
		generalized DES
5	Differential Cryptanalysis of the Full 16-Round DES
6	Differential Cryptanalysis of FEAL
		other properties
7	Differential Cryptanalysis of Other Cryptosystems
8	Differential Cryptanalysis of Hash Functions
9	Non-Differential Cryptanalysis of DES with a Small Number of Rounds
		Ciphertext Only
		Known Plaintext
		Statistical Known Plaintext

Appendix A:	Description of DES
Appendix B:	Difference Distribution Tables of DES

I doesn't look like IDEA, MD4, or MD5 are mentioned.

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