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Inslaw and PROMIS software

> The CIA has been accused of stealing a company's source code and
> reselling said software modified with a trojan horse to specific targets
> outside the U.S.  I don't remember the name of the company, but read about 
> the lawsuit pending against the government.  Anyone have more details?
> This is nice evidence for people who think the spooks are fully accountable.
> Paul E. Baclace

That sounds like the Inslaw case, in which their "PROMIS" (for
"Prosecution MIS") software was allegedly stolen/taken by government
agencies for various uses. 

There are many tangled threads to this story: the murder of Danny
Casolaro, back doors, Ed Meese, Cabazon Indian Reservation, Dr. Earl
Brian, Contra arms deals, Iraqgate, Israel, NSA SIGINT facilities,
Elliot Richardson, and on an on.

This story comes up frequently and was described here in Cypherpunks
some months back by Kelly Goen, if I remember correctly.

I won't recap the story tonight. Check out alt.conspiracy for some
discussion (though you may have to wait a while for this topic to come
back around).

My opinion: There's something to the stories.

-Tim May

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