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"Big Brother Inside" tshirts

I regret to inform the group that I cannot make the T-shirts.  I have
no money to fund them, and even less time.  I do, however, encourage
anyone else who want to make the shirts to do so.  I uploaded the
logos to soda this morning, so they should be available soon (if
not already).  I printed on of the images out (the large one) and
it looked great......

I am sorry for this, but I am absolutely financially strapped now.

BTW, the images names started with "BigBro" -= and if you want,
you can strip off the "Image Edited by Nate Sammons" line I 
dropped in the lower right corner of the large images (it was in,
I think, 12-pixel high letters).

Well, for anyone whe makes the T-shirts, put something cool on the 
back, and sign me up for one, size XL.

-nate sammons
 [email protected]