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things that have been on my mind

Reading Denning's latest remarks about the key generation process of
Clipper being classified, and reading the latest tired redundant flame war
with David Sternlight in Usenet, I have to wonder why so much energy is
being spent trying to discredit these people who are obviously
working towards Clipper and against pgp. Denning has her own agenda, Lord
knows where it all comes from, and she's apparently listened to in the
government. Sternlight, well, I can't get a handle on him, but it seems
like his motives are somewhat similar to Denning's except that he hides
his statements behind a veil of claiming to want what is "legal."

The thing is, why spend any energy on these two at all? CP's write code.
If CP's want to exert any political pressure at all, they should be
working with CPSR and EFF to mount a public information drive similar to
that which was put up against the FBI Wiretap-PBX deal. Making congressmen
uncomfortable with Clipper and facilitating the efforts of reporters like
those behind more the recent spate of news articles is where CP's can

Just my thought for the day. Preserving privacy is a cause worth fighting
for, but keep your eyes on the prize. On the other hand, maybe there's
nothing here to get upset over; after all, this is the same government
that nominated Kimba Woods. ;-)